Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loooooong Exposure

I took this photo from a bridge south of Flagstaff that crosses over I-17 and also affords a great view of the San Francisco Peaks. I used a long 10 second exposure for this photo to get the headlights and taillights of passing cars to create "lines of light". It was my first time playing with extra long exposures. Here's the rest of the EXIF data from the photo in case you're curious:


Kim said...

Oh good, you weren't driving when you took this. I wondered from the tumbnail view on the portal . . . ;^)

Thank you for including your photo data. I've been wanting to go this direction. . .with stars at night and vehicle light trails, but haven't had time to sit down and really think it through. I can study what you've done here for hints on a good direction to go. So, thanks. The exposure is perfect, BTW, and the mountains captured beautifully in this great composition.
Seattle Daily Photo

Anonymous said...


Dusty Lens said...

Great results! I have just begun my atempt at long exposures. I ended up buying Canon's shutter release cable to help. I found that simply pressing the button, I was shaking the camera slightly. (Could have been me shivering at -3). ;)

Lezard said...

Not bad for trying for the first time. I have not tried myself either....still need to get a new tripod!