Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I had my wife stand next to this huge icicle outside our apartment to give it some scale. It's at least 6 feet long if not longer. We've had an unusually high amount of snow so far this year and although much of it melts during the warm temperatures of the day, at night it refreezes and forms huge icicles like this one.


dawn said...

Actually, Dustin, this isn't an unusually high amount of snow. This is what used to be a low amount of snow and only in the last ten years (because we're in a drought), has the snow lessened to the levels you've known. :-)

Pat said...

Oh, my goodness! What a huge icicle. Hope it doesn't fall on someone!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

Tom said...

Ahhh yes. I remember those icicles. Looks like where I used to live. Even looks like right above my old apartment...anywhere near apt. #180? I think somewhere deep in the archives I've got some good ones like this.