Thursday, September 6, 2007

Flagstaff Vistas

Well, first off, I'm obviously not the one who took this picture since I'm in it, but I thought I would post it anyway, since it gives a good sense of why we moved to Flagstaff. Namely the wide open spaces. Flagstaff, a town of about 55,000 people, has a very small town feel to it. It's not uncommon to run into someone you know on the street or in the grocery store. My wife and I love this. Another huge benefit is that Flagstaff is the only town within 30 miles and is surrounded by National Forest land, so there are plenty of outdoorsy type things to do. This photo is from a camping trip we took on Kachina Trail last Fall. It was amazing!

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Chandlermom said...

I'm enjoying your blog! It's easy to forget how beautiful Flagstaff is when you live in the state