Thursday, September 6, 2007

Copenhagen Photos

I know this blog is supposed to be only photos from Flagstaff, but I can't resist posting some photos from our recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Please forgive me! ;-)

Danish flag flying near Nyhavn in Copenhagen.

A plaza on the pedestrian street called Str

The Rundet
årn (Round Tower) in Copenhagen.

Shadows inside the Rundet

Nyhavn (New Harbor) in downtown Copenhagen.

My friends and wife in a plaza in Copenhagen. Virginie (French), Becky (my wife) and Cesar (Spanish).

A statue of Hans Christian Anderson's Den Lille Havfrue (Little Mermaid).

Colorful Copenhagen architecture.

Danish guard near the Royal Palace.

A close up shot of the wheel on my free city bicycle.

Sooooo many bikes in Copenhagen!

My wife at the top of Vor Frelser Kirken (a church) in Copenhagen.

Me on a bunch in Nytorv (New Market) in Copenhagen.

Being the juveniles we are we had to take a picture of this sign. Din=your, fart=speed

Copenhagen building on Str

A typical Copenhagen bicycle. We saw lots of these.

Copenhagen from the top of the Rundet

Another funny sign I had to take a picture of. It means "Big Sale!".

My wife titled this one "Mystery Meat". I have no idea what this says. It turned out to be some kind of sausage like pepperoni, more or less.

Photos from Outside of Copenhagen

My wife walking on the beach near the town of Tisvildeleje. The sun was just starting to poke through the clouds.

A rocky beach near Tisvildeleje.

Beautiful purple flower.

Frederiksberg Slot (castle) in the town of Hiller
ød with its beautiful gardens in the foreground.

Me on a bench in the gardens near Frederiksberg Slot.


Keropok Man said...

Din Fart, that photo is so so funny! Esp with the pinching of nose!

Erin said...

lol don't worry, I thought the "din fart" was really funny too when I first came to live here. In fact, I still inform whoever is driving past one of those with me in the car how fast their fart is :P

Beautiful photos. I don't know if you were told this/read this anywhere, but the Little Mermaid statue's head has actually been decapitated many times! I think 2-3 times. The first time it happened, the police treated it like a murder case but never found who did it (as far as I know). So the head you saw is not the original head. Just a fun fact, you may have already known it.

Thanks for stopping by my Odense DP blog :)

Kathrine said...

Hi Dustin
Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I forget that people other than my family can see the pictures ;-)

I really like your pics of my city. They are great!! Almost like postcards! And I understand how danish can seem like the strangest language in the world. I also really like Hillerød and the castle you show.
Have a nice weekend and tell your wife that if she ever misses the mistery meat - I can send you some :)