Sunday, July 4, 2010


Wow, quite the hiatus I took. But bare with me, I have a good reason.

Five days after my last post, my son, Dane Alexander, was born. This was pretty unexpected since he was not due until Feb 24th, but arrived on Feb. 14th (Yes, that's Valentine's Day!). My wife did great and the delivery went smoothly. However, we were shocked to learn only minutes after his birth, that our son Dane has Down Syndrome. We never had any genetic testing done during the pregnancy, as we were not technically "at risk" for a Downs baby, and nothing about my wife's pregnancy suggested that anything was atypical about the baby inside her.

We were reeling after his birth. We knew little to nothing about Down Syndrome and didn't know what it meant for the future of our son or our family. To make matters worse, about 12 hrs after he was born, he was admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). With my wife and I both working in healthcare, we knew the gravity of what that meant. Dane was having trouble keeping his blood oxygen level up and refused to feed from my wife or a bottle. We found out later that this was caused by a number of things, most of which were not related to the DS and could happen to any baby born at 7000 ft above sea level. Over the next several days, Dane displayed problems eating, most of which were a result of his low blood O2, which made him extremely fatigued and too weak to eat the amount of calories he needed.

Without going into too many details of his condition while in the NICU, he was neither the healthiest nor the least healthy baby in the unit. After about 10 days he promptly "turned a corner", decided he wanted to eat and most of the problems keeping him in the NICU disappeared and we were able to bring him home 17 days after we was born. He was still on oxygen for a couple weeks after that, but each day he got stronger and more active.

The above photo is one of my favorites of him. My wife took it, so I can't take credit, but I wanted to share it with you. He is now about 4.5 months old and doing GREAT! He is small for his age, but when measured on an adjusted DS growth chart, he is doing well.

So this is why it's been so long since I have posted a photo. I hope to get back to posting regularly again. It is summer in Flagstaff right now, and the land is beautiful. I may not post every day as the title of the blog suggests, but I will do my best to post as frequently as I can. I realize I have probably lost most of the my regular visitors, but for those of you who find your way back here (or arrive for the first time), I hope you will be patient and check back from time to time to see how my blog is going. Thanks so much and I hope everyone is having a great summer.


spleeness said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son! He looks adorable. I'm so sorry that you've been dealing with what must be very challenging, both physically and mentally. Parents have enough work without also juggling a baby's complex condition. He looks so sweet! I can't wait to see more.

Karin said...

Congratulations on becoming a dad. He is adorable and he looks like a happy little guy!

Bron said...

What a gorgeous smile your little boy has!

Derrick Davidson said...


Anonymous said...

Have been following your blog for years to see a little snapshot of my hometown =) Congratulations on becoming a daddy! He is just the most adorable little guy!

Gunn said...

He is sooooo cute!:)
Congratulations to the parents, you and your wife.

C.E.R. said...

Glad to have you back! Your little guy is beautiful!

Erin said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son! He is adorable! I have been following your blog for quite a while, as I used to live in Flag (twice, actually), and miss it terribly. I enjoy seeing your photography!

en_me said...

Hi dude, I am an ex-NAU student. I have been your blog reader for quite sometimes now..

Congrats on your cute newborn son, hope he and your family will be doing fine ..