Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flagstaff Websites

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention two Flagstaff websites. The first is a new website called Faces of Created and maintained by Emily Patterson, a Flagstaff local. Each month "Faces of Flagstaff" features several individuals from Flagstaff, giving background info on the person as well as discussing how the individual contributes to our community. She also distributes copies of a Newsletter version of the website to over 15 popular local businesses in Flagstaff. It just so happens that I'm featured in the October issue as a new and upcoming photographer from Flagstaff, so I hope you will check out her site. I think she's doing a great service for our city.

The other website I wanted to mention is, which is geared more toward tourism in Flagstaff. If you are planning a trip to Flag or are just curious about what there is to do here in this northern Arizona mountain town this site is a must see. Of particular interest to me is their Flagstaff Bloggers section, of which Flagstaff Daily Photo is a new addition. Also, a feature they add each Fall to the site is the Leaf-O-Meter, which tells you how much the leaves around Flagstaff have changed. A useful tool if you are planning a "leaf run" to Flagstaff this Fall.

Please take a moment to check out these two wonderful Flagstaff websites. Thank you.

Flagstaff Daily Photo

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Congratulations! This is wonderful news.