Monday, August 6, 2007

Our Little Fluffy One

Our cat, Imara. "Imara" in Swahili means "strength". I guess not much to do with Flagstaff in this photo. Although, technically, she is a Flagstaff resident, too.


Rambling Round said...

She looks like velvet.

Mme Benaut from Adelaide Daily Photo said...

Hello Dustin - just dropped by your blog to see your beautiful Imara. She is gorgeous.
I live in Australia and my husband has Adelaide DP; a quirky look at life as well as Adelaide - and I just cruise the blogs from time to time and learn about all of the places that I would love to go.
Your blog is terrific with its mix of stunning scenery (you really are a very good photographer) and family (your wife is very pretty) and architecture. I had no idea that you had snow in Arizona! I've never seen the Grand Canyon but of course it is something that we aspire to visit at some stage. My husband has 3 children living in Europe so that will be our next trip but I would love him to see the US as he has never been there. I've been to the West Coast - from Vancouver to Tijuana and Hawaii but have never been to central US or the East Coast and would love to go. Anyway, sorry for this long ramble but I just wanted to say hello from a DP "family" member and thank you for your stunning photos. Come down to South Australia and visit us - scroll back through the older posts and you will see both of us and our house and just some of the weird and wonderful things that the Land of Oz has to offer!
BTW - we have 5 cats, hence my interest in today's photo - I can't resist looking at cats!

M.Benaut said...

Bonjour Dustin,
I see that Mme. has beaten me.
I too, saw Imara and dropped-by.
Also, I am pleased to see you know Dennis in Bend, OR. He has been in Adelaide for 20, odd years and escaped back only recently.
I will return to learn more of Flagstaff - I never knew it snowed there!

lv2scpbk said...

I like the angle in which you took this photo. Nice cat.

Randy said...

Nice shot of your litte Flagstaff resident.