Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heritage Square Benches

This photo is of one of the interesting benches in Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff. The city commissioned an artist to make these benches in the mid 90s. The orientation of the benches creates a nice effect in the morning when the sun is shining from the east and castes a shadow of the benches design on the ground.


Randy said...

Love the benches and the shot of the shadow. I just love Flagstaff. Your lucky to live there. Keep an eye out, Santa Fe Daily photo will be coming soon.

SedonaLuke said...

Some good work on this site, sir. I just discovered your blog, but I'll be checking it out more often now that I know it's here. I'm down in Sedona and don't get up to Flagstaff real often, but perhaps your photos will give me some ideas of what to keep my eyes open for next time I'm up there. Adventure onward. -- Mike

lv2scpbk said...

Neat photos. I like the angle.

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