Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sorry for the flood of macro photos of flowers lately, but it is "wildflower season" in Northern Arizona right now, so I'm gettin' out while the gettin's good. Here's another wildflower macro that I took in my yard. I'm not sure what kind it is, so if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks and Happy Summer to everyone!

EDIT: I was searching the website for a local nursery (Flagstaff Native Plants and Seeds) and I just happened upon the name of this flower.I'm pretty sure it's called a Firewheel (Gaillardia pulchella).


Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

You know I love macros. these are gorgeous.

spleeness said...

You know, I was in the Walgreens on Milton today leafing through a book on flowers. I forgot what this was called but it was definitely in there! Maybe I will buy it just so I can identify some of my own Flagstaff flowers.

MJ said...

Another common name is the "Blanket Flower."