Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lag Time

I'm sorry for the recent lack of posts here. I've been pretty busy with outside projects, homebrewing beer and having a nasty head cold (right now). But just to make everyone feel that their life isn't really that bad, here is a photo of what I woke up to this morning:

a whole roll of paper towels

the jade plant is no more.

It took our puppy, Curry, no more than 45 minutes to do that, from the time my wife left for work to the time I got up. Very efficient animal...I just wish she would be efficient at NOT destroying my house for a change.


Antjas said...

I don't have a dog and you showed a couple of good examples why not - I'm too lazy to clean up after them. But, I do love watching the show "It's Me or the Dog" on Animal Planet. Maybe you should watch it. Good luck!!

spleeness said...

aw man. I remember days like that. My dog's now 5 yrs old but this brought back a lot of memories!

This reminds me of the famous joke "should I get a dog or have kids?"

BTW I love your blog. My hubby and I are moving out to Flag for a temporary job and found it when looking for info about the region. Nice photos!

Oh and feel better soon!

MJ said...

That top photo is worth a thousand words. While at first glance I'm sure it was distressing, it's also SOOOO funny! I can say that first-hand, because we've been through that with our dog, Nik. Thankfully, they really DO grow out of it!