Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wupatki Ruins with Moon

This months theme for Arizona Daily Photo is "Old Arizona", so I thought this photo of a reconstructed wall at Wupatki National Monument would be a good example.
Once consisting of about 100 rooms, Wupatki Pueblo was probably home to 85-100 people, one of the largest settlements in the area. Today evidence of ball courts and ceremonial structures can still be found here.
Photographically speaking, I really like the composition and the angle of light, but I think I went a little crazy with the color saturation in trying to bring out the red of the rock and the blue of the sky. I still like it thought. Check out the photos by these other Arizona Blogger who take part in theme day with me:


Jacob said...

No, I think the saturation's about right. (See Great photo and the colors are super, the reddish wall against the blue sky!

Chandlermom said...

Now that IS "old Arizona"! Nice pic!