Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Annual Pine Cone Drop

Every New Years Eve, in Flagstaff, there is the Annual Pine Cone Drop that occurs in the downtown area of Flagstaff. For several weeks before December 31st, a large stylized pine cone hangs from the Weatherford Hotel over the intersection of Aspen and Leroux. Like the ball in Times Square, the giant pine cone drops to street level during the countdown to Midnight. Although we missed the countdown this year, the pine cone was still hanging when we took a stroll downtown several days after the ringing in of the New Year. A jet happened to be passing the background when I took this photo, and I think it helped balance the composition and made the image more interesting. What do you think?

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JT said...

I agree: I think the contrail adds dimension to the lines of the hotel. Typically "lines" should be avoided i photos as they take the focus away from the subject but this works. Interesting story too.